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They Install & Supplement

- Average Increase of $2,455.07 -


Complimentary Access to Supplement Bootcamp Now Included!

4 Hr Virtual Supplement Boot Camp

• Four hours of intense training covering the fundamentals of proper supplementing
• Designed for beginners and professionals in the restoration industry
• The live webinar includes opportunities to get your questions answered
• Upcoming class will be held December 2 from 1 PM to 5 PM EST

The Process

The AOTS Masterclass is designed to certify and train individuals on the entire supplement process.

The Entire class is 4 Intensive Weeks of Training.  Each week there are 2 sessions, an instructional session and a practical session. There are comprehensive tests and quizzes during the class.  A final exam is assessed and must be passed, over 75%, in order to become an 
Art of the Supplement Certified Expert

Classes are limited to 20 Students to ensure quality 
so sign up now to lock in your seat.

  •  How Insurance Works
  •  Estimate Writing
  • O&P Expertise
  • ​Successful Supplementing Tactics
  •  Supplement Department Building
  •  Claim Documentation 
  • ​Homeowner Positioning
  • ​Claim Handling Process

Join The AOTS Movement


Join Hundreds in AOTS Nation

Art of the Supplement is the roofing industries highest rated and most intensive training program for supplementing.  

If you are an active sales professional, manager or business owner, this is a must that you join thousands who have already enrolled seeking to shield their hard earned profits. 

The supplement master class is structured training, that holds participants accountable, and provides a certification upon passing the class. 

Companies of all sizes and levels are utilizing the Art of the Supplement training to shield their profits, are you ready to protect your future? 
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